Injection molding machine service maintenance and breakdown origin analysis

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   No matter is the import or the domestically produced injection molding machine has the following characteristic:
  1. the injection molding machine investment in the fixed assets is big, the scale of production is big, consumption raw material are many, the labor productivity is high, creates the output value to be big. Is one kind of labor efficiency high Production organization form.
  2. the injection molding machine by the machinery, the hydraulic pressure, the electric appliance, special-purpose matches the suite and so on, according to the injection molding processing processing technology's need, organically combines, the automaticity is together high, is connected closely; The injection molding machine may 3 class of 24h continuous working. If injection molding machine's some part breaks down, will cause the engine off.
  3rd, although on the injection molding machine the simplicity of operator, the worker are few, but the injection molding machine management and the service technique content is high, the work load is also big.
  Must therefore guarantee that the injection molding machine is at the sound condition frequently, must strengthen the injection molding machine supervisory work, strict control injection molding machine's breakdown occurrence. Achieves cuts the failure rate, reduces the maintenance cost, the extension service life goal.
  The injection molding machine breakdown, is generally refers to the injection molding machine either the system loses or reduces its stipulation function in the use the event or the phenomenon. The injection molding machine is the enterprise to satisfy the injection molding product technique of production request to provide. Injection molding machine's function is manifesting it exists in the injection molding product production activity the value which and to casts the production the guarantee {Today Hot} the degree. In modernized injection molding machine production, because the injection molding machine structure is complex, the automaticity is very high, the hydraulic pressure, the electric control and machinery's relation is close, thus the injection molding machine presents the breakdown, that feared that is the partial malfunction, can create the entire injection molding machine's production suspension. Injection molding machine breakdown immediate influence injection molding product quantity and quality.
   First, injection molding machine breakdown classified <dnt> </dnt> <dnt> </dnt>    The injection molding machine breakdown is many and varied, may carry on the classification from the different angle to it.
  1. presses the breakdown to have the condition, may divide into:
   (1) gradually sends the sex breakdown. Is because the injection molding machine initial performance deteriorates gradually produces, the majority of injection molding machine's breakdown belongs to this kind of breakdown. This kind of breakdown and the electric control, the hydraulic machinery Yuan fitting's attrition, the corrosion, weary and processes and so on slow change have the close relationship.
   (2) burst characteristics breakdown. Is each kind of disadvantage factor as well as the accidental outside influences combined action produces, this kind of function has surpassed the limit which the injection molding machine can withstand. For example: Because the material tube enters the iron to present the excess load to cause the screw rod to break off; Because the high-pressured string enters penetrates the injection molding machine electron board. This kind of breakdown often is occurs suddenly, does not have any indication beforehand.
   The burst characteristics breakdown occurs much in the injection molding machine operational phase, often is because designs, flaws and so on manufacture, assembly as well as material quality, or the operate miss, violates regulations the work to create.
  2. presses the breakdown nature division, may divide into:
   (1) discontinual breakdown. The injection molding machine loses its certain functions in a short time, repairs the debugging to be able slightly to restore, does not need to replace the spare part.
   (2) permanent breakdown. Injection molding machine certain spare parts have damaged, needs to replace or the repair can resume the use.
  3. presses the breakdown influence division, may divide into:
  (1) complete breakdown. Causes the injection molding machine to lose the function completely. {HotTag}
   (2) topicality breakdown. Causes injection molding machine certain functions to lose.
   4. presses the breakdown to have the reason division, may divide into:
   (1) wearability breakdown. Because the injection molding machine normal wear creates breakdown.
  (2) wrong uses the sex breakdown. Because the operation mistake, maintains the breakdown which creates improper.
   (3) inherent weak sex breakdown. As a result of the design question, causes the injection molding machine to present the weak link, when normal use produces breakdown.
  5. presses the breakdown the risk division, may divide into:
  (1) risky breakdown. For example safety system when needs to act, because the breakdown loses the protective function, creates the personal injuries and the injection molding machine breakdown; The hydraulic pressure electrically controlled system malfunction creates breakdown and so on.
  (2) secure breakdown. For example safety system when does not need to act has the movement; The injection molding machine cannot start when starts breakdown.
   6. presses the injection molding machine breakdown the occurrence, the law of development division, may divide into;
  (1) random fault. The breakdown occurs the time is stochastic.
  (2) has the regular breakdown. The breakdown occurrence has certain rule.
  Each kind of breakdown has its chief feature, namely so-called fault mode, or malfunction. Each kind of injection molding machine's malfunction is quite numerous and diverse, but may induce the following several kinds: The unusual vibration, the machinery wear, the input signal to be unable to let the computer accept, the solenoid valve output signal, the mechanical hydraulic element not to burst, proportion linearity being out of balance, the hydraulic pressure pressure drop, the hydraulic pressure leakage, the oil pump breakdown, the hydraulic pressure noise, the electric circuit to get older, the unusual sound, the oil material deterioration, the power source pressure drop, to put the doltish to relief, the temperature out of control and other. The different type injection molding machine's each kind of fault mode accounts for the proportion to differ from.
  Second, fault analysis and trouble shooting procedure
  In order to guarantee that fault analysis and elimination quickly, effective, must follow certain procedure, this kind of procedure is approximately as follows.
  First step maintains the scene in the situation carries on the symptom analysis
  1. inquiry operators  what (has 1) broken down? Occurs what situation in? When occurs?
  How long (2) did the injection molding machine sixth branch after move?
  whether there is (does before 3) the breakdown have, any abnormal phenomenon? Has what sound or the acousto-optics alarm? Whether there is haze or unusual smell? Whether there is misoperation (attention interrogation mode)?
  (4) the control system operates whether normally? Whether there does the operation sequence change? Whether to have during the operation special difficult or exceptionally?
  2. observation complete machine condition, each operational factor
  (1) whether there is obvious abnormal phenomenon? Components whether there is card anti- or damage? The hydraulic system whether or not becomes less crowded or divulging? Whether there does the electric wire burst, the abrasion or the overburning?
  (2) the injection molding machine operational factor has what change? Whether there is obvious unwanted signal? Whether there is obvious damage signal?
  3. inspection monitor indicating device
  (1) inspects all reading value to be whether normal, including pressure gauge and other instrument reading, fuel head situation.
  (2) inspects the filter, the alarm apparatus and the interlocking device, the movement output or the monitor to be whether normal.
  4. the point moves the injection molding machine inspection (under permission condition)
  The inspection intermittence situation, the lasting situation, enter or enters when slowly the situation quickly, looked that in these situations whether to affect the output, whether possibly to cause damages or other dangers.
 Second step inspection injection molding machine (including components, part and line)    1. (continues process which using the sense organ inspection observes thoroughly)
  1 looked: Plug and plug whether there is exceptionally, electrical machinery or pump's revolution to be whether normal, the control positioning is whether correct, whether there is to have the arc or the air burn trace, the fuse quality, the liquid whether there is to divulge, lubrication oil duct whether unimpeded and so on.
  2 trace: Injection molding machine vibration situation, Yuan (group) heat degree, drill tubing temperature, mechanical movement condition.
  3 tins: Whether there is unusual sound.
  4 smell: Whether there does the burnt smell, leak the smell, other unusual smells.
  5 look up: Work piece shape and position variation, injection molding machine performance parameter change, line follow-up for anomaly.
  2. evaluation check result
  The evaluation breakdown judges whether correctly, breakdown clue whether to find, each check result is whether consistent.
  Third step fault location determination
  1. recognition system structure and determination test method
  Does the consult injection molding machine instruction booklet, which one kind of structure distinguish the injection molding machine is, carries on the test with any method, needs any test method, possibly obtains any test parameter or the performance parameter, carries on the test under any operating condition, which security measures can observe, whether needs to operate the permit.
  2. system examination
  Uses most suits in the system structure technical examination. In the appropriate test point, carries on the comparison according to the input and the feedback obtained result and the normal value or the performance standard, finds out the suspicious position.
  The fourth step repair or replacement
  1. repair
  The trouble shoot reason, carries on view of the injection molding machine breakdown repairs and takes the preventive measure; Inspects the related components, prevents the breakdown proliferation.
  2. replacement
  The correct assembly debugging replacement components, and pay attention to the related part. Changes the components carry on the repair or the abandonment.
 Fifth step carries on the performance to determine
  1. starts the injection molding machine
  After spare part assembly debugging, starts the injection molding machine, first manual (or spot moves), then carries on the idling and the load determination.
  2. the adjustment variation of load speed, the load from small to big, the system pressure is from low to high highest cannot surpass 140kg/cm2, according to stipulation standard determination performance.
  3. expansion performance test scope
  According to need, from part to system gradual growth performance test scope. Pays attention to the non-breakdown area systems operation condition. If the performance satisfies the request to be available, if does not satisfy the request again fault location.
  The sixth step record and feeds back
  1. collects the valuable material and the data, like the injection molding machine breakdown occurs when time, breakdown phenomenon, down time, dresser, repairs trades the question which, the settlement expense the components, the repair effect, remains unresolved and so on, stores the file according to the stipulation request.
  2. statistical analysis
  The periodic analysis injection molding machine note for use, analyzes the engine off to lose, the revision prepares forgets the table of contents, seeks for the reduced service work the key measure, the research breakdown mechanism, proposes the corrective measure.
  3. presses the procedure feedback related breakdown to report the Department responsible for the work, and feeds back gives the injection molding machine manufacture unit.
  Third, fault management expansion process
  Must complete the injection molding machine fault management, must grasp has the breakdown reason, the accumulation often sends the breakdown and the typical breakdown material and the data, the development fault analysis, takes the breakdown rule and the breakdown mechanism's research, strengthens the routine maintenance, the inspection and the preventive maintenance. Fault management's expansion process has the following 8 aspects.
  1. completes the public education work, causes to operate the worker and to service the worker on own initiative to carry on the earnest record, the statistics, the analysis to the injection molding machine breakdown, proposes the rationalization proposal.
  2. the close union injection molding production is practical and the injection molding machine condition characteristic, is using the injection molding machine to divide into A, B, the C three kinds, by determines the fault management the key point.
  3. uses monitors the instrument, carries on to the key injection molding machine's key spot has the plan monitor, by prompt discovery breakdown indication and deteriorated information.
  Generally the injection molding machine must and examines the tool through person's sense organ to carry on the daily inspection, the tour inspection, the periodic inspection generally (including curacy checking), the sound condition inspection and so on, grasps the spot which, the organization and the components technical condition and the abnormal phenomenon information emphatically easy to crash. Simultaneously must draw up the inspection standard, definite injection molding machine normal, unusual, breakdown boundary.
  4. the development fault analysis, trains the injection molding machine maintenance worker to master the fault analysis method.
  5. the faulty recording realizes the injection molding machine fault management basic data, is also carries on the fault analysis, the processing primitive basis, the record must complete correct. The injection molding machine services the worker carries on the inspection and the breakdown repair after the scene, should defer to “the injection molding machine breakdown repair bill” the content fills in earnestly, the workshop mechanic monthly the statistical analysis and sends the injection molding machine to manage the manager.
6. the workshop injection molding machine maintenance man besides keeps abreast of the breakdown situation daily, should collect “the breakdown repair bill” monthly and the maintenance records. Through to the breakdown data's statistics, the reorganization, the analysis, calculates each kind of injection molding machine's breakdown frequency, the average breakdown plastochrone, analyzes the single Taiwan injection molding machine's breakdown dynamic and the key breakdown reason, discovers the breakdown the occurrence rule, so that the target key points takes the countermeasure, feeds back the breakdown information reorganization analyze data to the Project division, with the aim of arranging the preventive repairing or the improvement measure plan, but may also take the revision periodic inspection plastochrone, the inspection content and the standard basis.
  According to statistical processing's material, may draw the statistical analysis graph, if the single Taiwan injection molding machine breakdown dynamic statistics analytical table is services the teams and groups and other carries on the visual management to the breakdown the efficacious device, both are advantageous for the administrative personnels and services the worker to grasp various types injection molding machine to have the breakdown situation promptly, and can when the determination service countermeasure has the explicit goal.
  7. through services worker's daily tour inspection and the injection molding machine condition check, obtains the status messages and the breakdown indication, as well as the related record, the analyze data, or repair group leader by the workshop injection molding machine maintenance man in view of various types injection molding machine's existence question, the prompt arrangement daily maintenance, uses the production crevice time or the holiday fully, achieves the prevention before, controls and the reduced breakdown occurrence. To certain breakdown indication, the hidden danger, the daily maintenance undertakes incapable, then feeds back for the Project division arranges the plan repair.
  8. making breakdown information management flow chart.
  Fourth, injection molding machine breakdown rule
  The research breakdown rule to formulates the service countermeasure, down to the establishment science's service system is very advantageous. Injection molding machine in use process, its performance or condition along with period of revolution passage, but drops gradually. Before many breakdowns will occur, will have some omens, this will be the so-called incipient fault, its may distinguish the physical parameter indicated that one kind of functionality breakdown will soon occur, the functionality breakdown indicated that the injection molding machine has lost the stipulation performance standard.
  The injection molding machine failure rate along with the time change rule, is often called the bathtub curve. Injection molding machine's failure rate is divided three stages approximately along with the time change: Incipient failure time, sporadic fault time and wearout fault time.
  1. incipient failure time
  The injection molding machine is in the incipient failure time, starts the failure rate to be very high, but drops rapidly along with the time passage failure rate, the incipient failure time is called the running-in period regarding the engineering products. This period of time length, because of product, system's design and manufacture quality, but different. This period occurs the breakdown, is mainly by in the design, the manufacture flaw result, perhaps use environment not, when creates.
  2. sporadic fault time
  The injection molding machine enters the person sporadic fault time, the failure rate is at the steady state approximately, the tending to definite value. , The breakdown occurs is stochastic. In the sporadic fault time, injection molding machine's failure rate is lowest, moreover is stable. Therefore may say that this is injection molding machine's optimum condition time or calls the normal work time. This sector is called the effective life.
  The sporadic fault time's breakdown, is attributed to the design, to use much improper and does not service the strength. Therefore through the enhancement design quality, the improvement use management, strengthens the surveillance maintenance work and so on to diagnose and to maintain, may cause the failure rate to reduce to the lowest level.
  3. wearout fault time The later period which uses in the injection molding machine, the failure rate starts to rise. This is because the injection molding machine spare part's attrition, weary, the aging, the corrosion and so on create. If is the wearout fault time starts carries on the overhaul when the inflection point, but economy but cuts the failure rate effectively.
  The injection molding machine failure rate curve change's three stages, reflected really the injection molding machine from wearing, the debugging, the normal work to the overhaul or the abandonment failure rate change's rule, strengthens injection molding machine's current management and the maintenance maintenance, may lengthen the sporadic fault time. Discovers the inflection point accurately, may avoid too much repairing or repair range extension, obtains the best investment benefit.


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