Our country first quantity foot decides the shoes machine to develop successfully

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   So long as places the foot on the machine several seconds, a pair of complete symbol fits well and unifies the popular color, the fashionable design leather shoes to be possible to arrive at the shoemaking workshop custom make production. The other day, reporter learned from the Austria Kang group that by the Zhejiang Province science and technology hall subsidization's significant science and technology research project, the Zhejiang University as well as this group unites the development our country first to have the proprietary intellectual property rights the footwear product innovation design which conforms to China designers to be familiar with to develop the platform - - quantity foot to decide the shoes machine, through appraisal. Austria Kang group president Wang Zhentao estimated that this machine will suspend Austria Kang at the beginning of next year the Flagship Shop.
  This item based on the CAD computer-aided design's system, is the topic-based group lasted two years which leads by academician Pan Yunhe researches and develops successfully. They use the digitized technology, the three dimensional shoemaking CAD system and the foot measurement system integration, forms from the foot survey to the end product type shoes processing integration footwear product development software system. After use three dimensional foot measurement system gain foot data, adapts the three dimensional shoes personalization shoe last through this system generation and the specific foot, then transmits to the digit engraves the shoetree machine, forms the shoe last entity, finally passes to the shoemaking workshop to process the end product shoes.
  Through this technology, the user may measure the good own foot first, then through the surfer, feels shoe's model, the color, the cerebral cortex texture really and so on, and orders the shoe pattern which one like; The shoe pattern design may also on-line issue directly that carries on the batch according to user's demand feedback to have custom-made. This system has two big innovation spots: The creative three dimensional foot data instantaneous gathering technology, the acquisition time will reduce to one second, thus may the greatest degree reduce, because the human foot slight migration produces the measuring error, enhances the data acquisition greatly the precision and the speed. Compares with the laser gathering system has the cost to be low, industrial prospect broad and so on merits.


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