The computer sews equipment's routine maintenance and the maintenance related knowledge

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   Along with information age's arrival, the computer sews the equipment to attack the old-style pure mechanical device more and more, the servicemen more and more urgently needed understanding, is also grasping maintains and maintains this kind of equipment's new technology. Regarding this, the enterprise deeply feels restlessly, the servicemen lose the soul, the author are also a dresser impatiently, regarding the similar feelings are very deep, especially will be near for 10 years to sew the maintenance of equipment and the maintenance quite mature experience, the technology, the knowledge in the computer and so on forms an article, only supplies the reference.
  one, guarantee system normal operation's premise good use environment 1. computer sews the equipment reasonable working conditions, first do not in have the intense electric power sound either have the high-frequency to burn the electric welding place the erection unit, the force electric power sound will affect the equipment or causes the equipment not to be able the normal work.
  2. workshop should maintain the indoor temperature 5~35℃ for suitable, temperature Gao Huo low has been able to affect equipment's normal operation.
  3. moist will direct to take off short-circuits, the relative humidity should maintain at 45~85% for good, cannot with have the steam to sew the equipment setup in together.
  4. dust easy to corrode the circuit wafer, therefore the equipment must maintain clean, the workshop also similarly must maintain clean.
  5. must use the voltage-stabilized source (power supply bureau or installs manostat), has the earth function (for example to dump probably first close-down). If must refuse in the 380V three-phase four three-phase firing lines to take office builds a firing line, builds a zero curve to take 220V again the power source, sews equipment's power line as the computer, creates the equipment accident frequent either halts and so on breakdowns (is mainly like this frequently overtension or reason which produces lowly). The servicemen will often not pay attention to this point, but will go all out the adjuster, from this will create many nonessential troubles, actually will only need the regulated supply, the equipment restores immediately normally.
  6. any computer sews the equipment to maintain under the power supply bureau rated voltage condition, cannot surpass ±10%, oversized or insufficient can affect the equipment not to be able the normal work, but the electricity supply capacity must be bigger than the power consumption which the sewing machine needs.
  7. machine should avoid exposing directly under the sunlight which outdoor illuminates, illumination the temperature which produces on the nose easy to burn out the monitor, the illumination on the rack easy to burn out in main engine's chip, creates the heavy accident, therefore the sunlight may illuminate the workshop, must An Men, the window blind.
  8. thunder and lightning weather should switch off the power source, because the lightning immediate influence equipment's normal operation.
  Fosters uses the computer to sew equipment's custom correctly 1. starting order: Peripheral device (power switch) - - monitor - - main engine.
  2. close-down order: Main engine - - monitor - - peripheral device.
  3. do not open the close-down frequently, when the electric current easy to attack the hardware, the computer works closes down suddenly, easy to damage the computer.
  4. close-down after must close all operating procedure starting switch, then presses the normal smooth withdrawal, otherwise easy to destroy the system, is unable to start.
after  power source software and hardware condition.
  1. starting, the operator should the facilities for observation self-examination situation, when the self-examination do not move the computer (main engine).
  2. clicks on equipment's each system examination equipment operational aspect.
   two, hardware's basic maintenances and maintain  board card  against static electricity, the electrostatic energy overburning chip. The human body static electricity is tens of thousands volts to hundreds of thousands volts, the live contact computer, will penetrate any chip, the air drying or the chemical fiber pure wool clothing and so on can create the static electricity, the attention, when produces the static electricity, do not use the hand to contact the main engine.
when CPU current maintenance CPU surpasses Ig, the hardware radiation question will cause the computer breakdown, the system to collapse, the CPU overburning, when surpasses certain humidity the automatic dormancy, the equipment will be unable to start.
  1. radiation: The guarantee within the aircraft ventilator movement is good, if discovers halts frequently, closes down immediately, inspects the ventilator whether to move.
  2. quakeproof: The equipment movement and ventilator's movement has resonating, easy to cause the ventilator attrition.
  3. reduced pressure: Guaranteed that the air the circulation, causes CPU essence pressure relief.
  4. lives in contentment: Guarantees the power source to be stable, only will then not have the accident.
  5. dust removal: In the scavenging machine the dust, prevents short circuits and so on line board.
   6. from examines: The equipment presents the unusual sound, to halt frequently, the unusual smell, must pay attention the computer fitting's operational aspect frequently, refuses to halt under the condition the long time maintains the circular telegram, the tester sound to be whether normal.
  tailors 1. computer to sew the operators who the equipment uses, after must accept the security and operation training, only then may use the computer, guarantees equipment's safe operation and the correct use.
  2. starting outfit, should install all safety device, will otherwise possibly cause the injury event's occurrence, therefore, for you with other people's safety, do not open the safety device.
  3. equipment use process, is sure not to touch any start part or to press any thing on the machine, otherwise possibly or the equipment itself creates the harm to the operators.
  4., if the equipment has the automatic presser bar, is sure not to touch the magnet coil part, will otherwise possibly cause the fire.
 Before the cleaning up, maintains and overhauls1. to carry on the cleaning up, to switch off the switch first, otherwise, if the switch is pressed down carelessly, the machine will immediately then start causes the damage.
  2. attention maintains the environmental sanitation, prevents the dust to enter the control box.
  3. reduction air with contains the dust moistly.
  4. prevents the hyperpyrexia or excessively low, the hyperpyrexia or low easy to have harmed the equipment.
  5. cannot place the abundant water vessel in the radio station, in order to avoid the current of water enters in the control box.
  6. dust removal must tear off the power line, ensures the personal security.
  7. captures the power line, in should switch off the switch first, then turns off the master switch, in order to avoid burns out the interface element. so long as completes the preparatory work earnestly, the computer sews the equipment to meet listens to your words obediently, completes you to need to ask.



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