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   In sewing machine's use process, many breakdowns may be able to solve simply in the working surface, but has no need to ask the mechanician to wage a war, for example moves the switch, even merely to replace a machine needle, if can be effective because, then can avoid the long time work suspension and opens machine causes in the working surface the disorder to be unable to withstand. Below lists some to sew the glitch which in the process occurs frequently and to relieve the method, refers for you.
  1, sews the dead stop; The power light is bright, but the hand runner stagnates again is unable to withstand. possible reason (to hereafter refer to as “reason”): Sewing machine long lasting work in low speed condition; The machine overheated possibly creates the electromechanical power supply automatic shut-off.solution (hereafter refers to as “solution”): Closes the power source and waits for 20 minutes, the protector will start, the sewing machine preparation will start to work.
  2, do not walk needle
  Reason: The facial suture uses up; Presses the foot not to lay down; Shuttle reel not in correct position.solution: Replaces the spatial reel, to recognize the needle; Lays down presses the foot; The shuttle reel presses and toward left the homing; Lowers buckles the eye rod.
  3, sewing machines want the line to stop  reason: Presses the foot not to match or machine the needle dashes presses the foot; Machine the needle falls off and the card enters the crochet hook.solution: The replace presses the foot; Takes out machine the needle and installs the new needle.
  4, facial suture broken line reason: The political line way does not work as; The line ties a knot; The line tension is oversized; Machine the needle curving, the obtuse point or has the trachoma; Machine the needle size does not gather; Machine the needle placement is improper; The needlework coordination is improper; The tailoring initial speed is excessively quickly; Threading after has not selected the line.solution: Makes something a matter of political line normally again; Eliminates on-line to tie a knot; The adjustment clamps the line pressure; For changes planes the needle; Replaces the suitable size machine the needle; Appropriate placement machine needle; Trades the line or trades the needle; By medium-speed start sewing machine; Inspection political line step.
  5, agent broken line reason: The shuttle core has not been inserted completely the shuttle shell; Shuttle core by line winding; The shuttle core revolves impeded in the shuttle shell; On the shuttle shell or the shuttle has the yarn.solution: Enters carefully the shuttle core rewiring the shuttle shell; Reorganization shuttle shell going beyond a line; The inspection shuttle core possibly suffers injury; Cleaning up shuttle shell and shuttle core.
   6, jump line
Reason: The line tension is oversized; Machine needle curving or failure; Machine the needle size is not right; The needlework coordination is improper; The line has not worn well has selected the line pole; Presses the foot pressure to be insufficient; Machine the needle places improper.
  solution: The adjustment uses the line tension; For changes planes the needle; Chooses the suitable number molding machine needle; Changes planes the needle or uses the line; Inspection threading step; Increases presses the foot pressure; On again needle.
  7, line marks do not gather request reason: The equipment and lines have not dragged into the sensor completely; The threading way is not right; The shuttle shell goes beyond a line the mistake; Line axle cap size not symbol.
  solution: The equipment and lines drag into the sensor fully; Correct threading; Correction shuttle shell going beyond a line; Changes to the size match case the line axle cap.
   8, line mark chaotic reason: Machine the needle size does not gather; The political line step is wrong; Clamp relaxation; Strong pulls the cotton material result; Presses the foot dynamics insufficiency or relaxes completely; Shuttle core distortion.
  solution: The selection is suitable for with the line and the cotton material machine the needle; Again for machine political line; On jams the line; It is not strong pulls the cotton material, but leisurely feeding; The applied or the rewiring press the foot; Reroll shuttle core.
   9, cotton materials wrinkle reason: The needle foot speaking of the specific lining to be oversized; Needle-tip deactivation; Is inappropriate with the line tension; Presses the foot strength to be insufficient; The cotton material is too frivolous; Uses the facial suture, the agent line diameter or the material quality difference creates.
  solution: The needle foot puts is small; For changes planes the needle; The adjustment uses the line tension; Increases presses the foot pressure; Uses the thin material card middle; The facial suture, the agent use the homogeneity with the line diameter.
  10, stranded wire reason: The facial suture and the agent after have not pressed the foot; The feeding tooth sinks solution: The facial suture agent simultaneously presses Yu Yajia; Lifting feeding tooth
  11, break needle  reason: The pintle sews the thick material; Machine the needle installment is not full; Machine the needle fastening gong silk becomes less crowded; Presses the foot to select does not work as; Presses the foot to become less crowded.
  solution: Trades the appropriate machine needle; Again installment machine needle; Applied machine needle fixed gong silk; Selects presses the foot suitably; The rewiring presses the foot.
  12, noises are oversized, the card clip clop sound, the machine runs over and kill reason: The sundry goods pad the feeding tooth; The shuttle point has the yarn; Line winding ammunition clip.
  solution: Clean machine; Opens machine and cleans up the ammunition clip.
  13, machines do not feed  reason: The establishment needle foot length is 0; Presses the foot too to relax; The feeding tooth position is excessively low; The lining ties a knot by the winding.
  solution: Reset appropriate needle foot pattern and length; The adjustment presses the foot pressure “the convention”; Promotion feeding tooth; Before starting tailoring, to put in the double thread presses below the foot.
  14, are unable for machine needle threading; Threading does not act; Threads the hook not to be able to go in needle eye  the reason: Machine needle not in the highest position; Machine the needle does not reign when recognizes needle's protecting oneself; Machine needle not full installment arriving.
  solution: The revolving handwheel, arrives at the highest position until machine the needle; Complete insert machine needle.
  15, threading not homings, sewing machine parking; Threading hook detention needle eye   reason: Threads in the hook still at needle eye when sewing machine involuntary maneuver.
  solution: The clockwise fine motion handwheel and takes out the barbed wire.


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