Injection molding machine's technological development tendency

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   The injection molding machine is the injection molding main equipment, injection molding machine's technical senate and the performance and the plastic nature and the injection molding craft has the close relationship. The injection molding equipment's further consummation and the development will certainly to impel the injection molding technology the progress, to cast the product the development and the application creates the condition.
  Along with plastic and formation craft development, injection molding machine, regardless of has the very big growth from the output or the variety. Looking from world plastic machinery main producer country US, Germany, Japan, Italy, the injection molding machine output are growing year by year, and holds the very great proportion in the entire plastic machinery. The new labor and the plastic development and the application to the injection molding machinery and the equipment proposed that a higher request, causes it to be many to the variety, the specification entire, highly effective, high speed, the high accuracy, the low energy consumption and the low noise direction develop, large-scale models machine rises.
  Several developed countries which produces from the injection molding machine, in the mid-70s lived the production and marketing mold strength in 600 tons above injection molding machines 4%, thousand ton above 2%. But to the late 70s, because the engineering plastics development is specially the structure foam plastics and so on the automobile, the machinery, the white goods, Industry sectors and so on construction, astronavigation, ships widely send and apply, cause the injection molding machine to change the large scale. The US, Germany, Japan, France, Italy and so on have the production large-scale injection molding machine's ability.
  In the large-scale injection molding's technological development aspect, the matched molds system uses the entire hydraulic pressure type or a hydraulic pressure mechanical type, namely the crank connecting rod pattern, both have the competitive ability in the market. But no matter which form's note, its round of direction can the low energy consumption, the low noise, the locking force easy control, the movement steady, safe reliable and is advantageous for the service direction to develop.
   In recent years, the middle and small scale injection molding machine's technological development was rapid, speaking of the technological parameter, plastified ability, the injection pressure and so on had the very big enhancement. Some development superelevation series, its injection pressure 451Mpa (4600kgf/cm), on this kind of equipment the cavity pressure has been possible to 98Mpa(1000kgf/cm), to cause the injection molding product rate is zero nearly, may cast the 0.1-0.2mm thick thin product.
  The 90s's injection molding machine to the energy conservation, the precise formation, the ultra precise formation, the low noise and the high-level automated direction is developing. The so-called energy conservation is refers to the injection molding confidential to save pump's power, saves the electric power. The precise formation is refers to the production product size precision the scope in 0.01-0.001mm, the ultra precise formation is in 0.001-0.0001mm, the low noise is refers to the note function not to have the hit steadily and not to have under the vibration to work, in is away from about machine 1m according to the determination collection the place volatile oil noise to be lower than 70 decibels. The high-level automation is refers to the injection molding function indirect maintenance or nobody operation, the guarantee product precision, the injection molding technological conditions stable must with the reproducibility.
  Moreover, what microprocessor on injection molding machine is injection molding machine's automatic control aspect most important development. The injection molding craft has the good compatibility to each kind of plastic's processing, productivity is high, and easy to realize the automation. In plastics industry rapidly expand today, injection molding machine, no matter holds the important position in quantity or the variety, its production total occupies the entire plastic formation equipment 20%-30%, thus becomes in the present plastic machinery to grow quickly, one of production quantity most aircraft types.
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