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   The cutting machine is some light industry profession essential equipment. The traditional ideas, the cutting machine is draws support in the machine movement action pressurizes Yu Daomu, carries on the cutting processing to the material the machine. The modern cutting machine has had some changes, starts high pressure Shui Shu, the ultrasonic wave and so on vanguard technology to use in the leather die cutting technology, but people still these equipment induction in cutting machine's class equipment.
  The automaticity high judgment equipment includes: Controls by the computer initiates the type cutting machine, the laser cutting machine (to vibrate cutting tool), the high-pressured water to tie the cutter and the computer cutting machine and so on. Moreover, Italian and British USM Corporation produces one kind of projection cutting machine, on this kind of equipment's under material platform is equipped with the mode of oscillations cutting tool and the visual detection installment, uses in carries on the outline scanning to the leather, or carries on the projection on the leather to guide the judgment labor arrangement yummy treats model on the leather wrap platoon.   
  At present has each kind of model in the Chinese market by the domestic and foreign different factory production cutting machine, presently acts according to its product performance, we suggested that you carry on the contrast choice from the following several aspects:
  First, according to them the type of drive, the structure and the purpose classification is as follows:
  1st, according to transmission form minute:
  A, mechanical drive cutting machine: Is the quite old machine.
  B, hydraulic transmission cutting machine: Is the modern quite general cutting machine.
  C, completely automatic trundle type cutting machine: Carries on the processing whole piece skin material or the textile with the sandwich method and so on.
  D, the computer control water ties the cutting machine: Is the modern quite advanced cutting machine, does not need to use the knife mold, carries on the judgment according to the input routine. The die cutting source ties the generator for the high-pressured water.
  E, computer control ultrasonic wave cutting machine: The types of control and the water tie the cutting machine to be similar, die cutting source for ultrasonic generator.
  2. defers to the structure way minute:
  A, rocking shaft type cutting machine: The die cutting part for the rocking shaft which may swing, suits in the natural material die cutting.
  B, Dragon Gate type cutting machine: The die cutting part for may move along the crossbeam about flushes the head metal, the knife mold may fix in flushes on the head metal, may also place by the processing. Large-scale, the computer controls in the Dragon Gate cutting machine drift is installing the knife pould frame which may revolve, may act according to the procedure typesetting, chooses the corresponding cutting tool; Certainly corresponding must provide the feed control organization.
  C, plate-type cutting machine: It lies in the crossbeam with the Dragon Gate type cutting machine's difference to carry on the die cutting directly, has not been possible to move flushes the head metal. The plate cutting machine divides into: The crossbeam fixed or the crossbeam may the shuttle and the work table slide may the shuttle two broad headings.
  D, tetrastyle precision cutting machine: Double cylinder, four column self-balancing connecting rod structure.
  3rd, according to processing part use minute:
  A, special-purpose cutting machine: Suits processes in the passette attracts models the cutting machine.
  B, horizontal-type cutting machine: Suits in the processing tire material.
  Two. Mechanical drive cutting machine:
  Generally mechanical drive's cutting machine speed is quick, after the revolution stable (adjusts, stroke lower limit will not change), the die cutting strength will be big; Its biggest shortcoming is the noise is big. Therefore has replaced gradually since the 60s for hydraulic transmission's cutting machine.
  Third, hydraulic transmission cutting machine:
  The judgment hydraulic pressure cutting machine function's main basis is: Die cutting strength size and die cutting speed. The die cutting strength is very big, but the die cutting speed is very low, or the die cutting speed is very high, but the die cutting strength very small machine, cannot complete the die cutting task smoothly.
  Is high regarding mechanical drive's cutting machine general die cutting speed, approximately is 250/minutes; Its die cutting speed is changes a value, the average die cutting speed is: 200 millimeters/seconds. The hydraulic pressure cutting machine's die cutting speed is generally: Is bigger than for 75 millimeters/seconds.
  Mechanical drive's cutting machine and hydraulic transmission's cutting machine diversity, mainly decided by two transmission's different characteristics: The mechanical drive is the positive drive, but the hydraulic transmission really has certain flexibility.
  The hydraulic pressure cutting machine's characteristic is: When flushes the head metal through the knife mold function in by the processing instant, will affect in cylinder's pressure not to achieve the rated pressure, the pressure (will cut into along with the contact works) the time will increase increases, will receive the signal until the electromagnetism cross valve, the cross valve commutation, will flush the head metal to start to reposition; By now in cylinder's pressure because received enters cylinder's pressure oil time limit, possibly has not achieved the hypothesis the fixed value of pressure; That is, the system pressure has not achieved the design value, the die cutting already completed.
  Fourth, cutting machine use present situation:
  1. mechanical drive cutting machine, although also has the factory to continue to produce, some small, individual manufacturer still in use, but this form's cutting machine will be eliminated inevitably.
  2. hydraulic transmission's cutting machine, was still at the mainstream position now. In hydraulic pressure cutting machine, what is used massively is the tonnage in 14-18 ton rocking shaft type cutting machine. Plate-type and the Dragon Gate cutting machine uses in the quite large-scale Manufacturer most, suits to the artificial material die cutting.
  3. the completely automatic cutting machine already started in our country to use, as a result of the manufacturing industry modernization degree's enhancement, will have in the near future possibly certain market. But in the near future, it will be impossible to substitute the hydraulic pressure cutting machine. origin: Chinese shoemaking machine net|Chinese shoemaking equipment net|Chinese leather mechanical net.


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