How to distinguish some commonly used spare parts the fit and unfit quality

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   1. needle board and delivers cloth tooth the medium speed machine the needle board and delivers the cloth tooth is the two-row, the latter half stress is big, the operator when the use has the feeding spanner's sewing machine to make but actually the feeding operation but actually, very easy to give an injection. If appears gives an injection the phenomenon, the needle board then stays, if is not easy with the quality good needle board to present this kind of phenomenon. 
  Inspection procedure: Puts on the needle insertion in acupuncture board with Luo Sidao to deliver in the cloth tooth socket, and about rocks, observes carefully whether the stress does distort, like the distortion is a tripe.    
  2. presses the foot
  Inspection procedure: The available pliers linking presses the foot, has a look whether can nip the signature. The quenching hard pressure foot, the pliers cannot nip the signature. (the domestically produced standard sign GC6-1 Gaoping's machine needle board and presses the foot, to deliver the cloth dentine quantity to be good. Taiwan produces 12481 delivers among cloth tooth fastening screw two to hit has TAI WAN character India and 12481 Arabic numeral. This product firm durable, delivers the cloth dental cusp not to be easy to appear slips the phenomenon). 
  3. machine the needle selects the Shanghai Diamond System Knitting mill production the diamond sign high-level high speed double festival, the silver-white color, to nickelplate the needle. What because majority of seam product enterprise with is high speed machine, has many seam products is the new waterproofing material and the chemical synthesis fibrous material, thus the request machine needle must be thermostable, generally the chrome-plating machine the needle does not adapt, even if available, the effect is not ideal. The Japanese qin sign machine needle and South Korean and the Japanese Qin Sign Company cooperates the qin sign machine needle quality which makes in South Korea to be good, the surface is smooth, the period of revolution is long. 
  4. turns on lathe shuttle Japan Guang Laixuan concave-convex the shuttle turns on lathe among the shuttle skin to have " q " the mark, the printing fine, galvanization smooth gentle, feel stabs without the wool, turns on lathe left side of the shuttle shell inside hole the printing is smoothly " N ", right side the printing is " T ". Guang Laixuan shuttle point when use is not easy to present the wool to stab. Turns on lathe shuttle to have spuriously in the shuttle shell rocks the phenomenon, the galvanization surface is bright, feel has the wool to stab, turns on lathe on the shuttle skin " q " the printing place concave-convex rough, turns on lathe the shuttle point degree of hardness to be insufficient, when use easy to present Mao La and the obtuse sharp phenomenon.  Japan assists Wen Xuansuo to turn on lathe right flank the shuttle skin to hit has " MADE IN JAPAN " the inscription, turns on lathe left side of the shuttle shell inside hole the printing is " N ", right side the printing is " Y ", this kind of brand not yet discovered that has the fake product.  The Shanghai China Chinese wild ginger Sewing machine Components Factory produces labor card X-30 turns on lathe the shuttle high speed, the processing craft is fine, turns on lathe the shuttle with Japanese broad rushing current HSH-7.94B is the similar products, is suitable in the high speed flush joint machine, effect very good


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