Bends the creasing sewing machine common fault analysis and the processing method

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  1. machine between the needle, the sewing thread and the seam material coordinate not to work as   1. the replacement and the sewing thread, the seam material adapt needle
  2. machine needle curving, thick obtuse or attrition              2. changes planes the needle
  3. machine needle installs wrong                                          3. presses the correct method to install equipment the needle
  4. turns on lathe the shuttle barbed wire time improper or machine between needle's gap is oversized     
  4. presses machine the needle with to turn on lathe the shuttle hook point's correct position to readjust the needle
  5. turns on lathe the shuttle hook point bad                              5. the sharpening turns on lathe the shuttle hook point or exchanges turns on lathe the shuttle
  6. needle traveling schedule the movement is not highly equal                  6. readjusts causes machine the needle to the aligned position
  7. presses the foot trough width, presses the foot pressure to be insufficient                  7. replaces the narrow trough to press the foot, enlarges the pressure
  8. needle board trough width                     8. replacement needle board trough
  9. presses the foot ledger wall plane and the needle board plane not parallel            
  9. the adjustment presses the foot, causes its and the needle board parallel
  10. needle bar with wraps the gap to be oversized up and down                 10. the replacement wears the oversized wrap 
  Breaks facial suture
  1. threading order not to be right                  1. presses the proper order to thread
  2. facial suture adjusts excessively tightly                     2. slowly turns on lathe the pine to clamp the line nut, and adjusts the agent loose and tight correspondingly
  3. machine needle selects does not work as                        3. replacement and sewing thread, seam material corresponding needle
  4. machine needle is curving                              4. exchanges machine the needle
  5. machine needle collision presses the foot                     5. the adjustment presses the foot position
  6. turns on lathe the shuttle rotation not along, or the position installs is not right           
  6. presses the correct proportional type control to turn on lathe the shuttle position, and fastens
  7. turns on lathe the shuttle hook to damage                 7. turns on lathe the shuttle hook slick or exchanges turns on lathe the shuttle
  8. needle eye rough or the needle board's needle trough is damaged            
  8. slick needle eye Kong Huozhen trough, if the needle tank failure serious should exchange
  9. facial suture spoiled mildew or excessively crisp                     9. exchanges the line
  10. turns on lathe the shuttle barbed wire excessively quickly or excessively slow                      
  10. the adjustment turns on lathe the shuttle barbed wire time
  Breaks agent
  1. the shuttle core cajoles into overflows or non-uniform             1. circles the agent
  2. agent is mildewy             2. exchanges the line
  3. agent adjusts excessively tightly                    3. turns on lathe the loose shuttle skin bolt suitably, and adjusts the facial suture loose and tight correspondingly
  4. shuttle core set of coil in mouth incisive or coarse          
  4. uses the oilstone or the crocus cloth polish, goes to the acute angle
  5. delivers the cloth tooth position to be excessively low creates delivers the cloth tooth base quick mouth, agent going beyond a line is away from too small, causes the agent and the tooth base quick mouth has the friction                                             
  5. the reasonable adjustment delivers the cloth tooth position
  Breaks needle
  1. opportunity and the seam material coordination does not work as           1. the replacement and the seam material adapts machine needle
  2. machine needle has not installed collides presses the foot or the needle board          2. presses the correct position, installs equipment the needle
  3. machine needle is curving                  3. changes planes the needle
  4. suspends the needle organization dislodgement                4. presses the correct proportional type control to suspend the needle organization position and to fasten
  machine operation does not work
  1. electric motor leather belt to be too loose or to be too tight          1. adjustment belt length



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