Hyd. Auto Feeding/Punch Cutting M/C


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Spec: 1 Unit: Tai

Automatic slicing, shaping and die-cutting.。
This machine automatically transfers the chilled rubber substrate to its inlet, slices and cuts the rubber by the preset dimensions. The numbers of slices may also be set in advance. When the number of the rubber slices reaches the preset value, the machine automatically stops.

1. This machine uses automatic roller feeder and cutter. It operates smoothly, quietly, quickly and efficiently.
2. This machine uses a microprocessor controlling system with touch screen interfaces. It is easy to operate, fast and accurate, and it thus reduces wastes.
3. This machine has enough cutting pressure for all non-metal materials.
4. This machine is easy and efficient to operate, error-resistant and easy to maintain and service.

power: 5HP   

 machine size: 1580x1150x2000mm

net weight: 1100KG       

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